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  • Nurses get over trauma
  • Soldiers deal with combat fatigue
  • Teachers find strength
  • Every day people deal with stress
  • First-time mums
  • Even children struggling at school

About Alison

Alison is one of  top UK’s leading psychic Clairvoyant based in central London. with many years of experience working in the media including SKY TV. and radio.. This entailed presenting with the other psychics in the studio.  Travelled to many locations throughout  the UK and overseas running workshops on self awareness and spiritual development at exhibitions including The Mind Body and Spirit Exhibition at Olympia. Alison is also a vetted consultant and member of the British Astrological Psychic Society.

Alison is a natural-born 4th generation  psychic  medium, highly respected for her expertise and guidance.
Her compassion combined with an empathic approach who enables the clients she connects with to feel at ease.  Alison has worked and helped people from all walks of life and is renowned for her accuracy, specialising in all subjects particularly matters of the heart. Alison will leave you feeling wonderful  and uplifted by the end of the consultation.

“ I had a reading with Alison last week, I love Alison’s approach of going in for a blank reading, i.e. not asking questions, I have to say it was a wonderful reading, without a doubt she connected to my girl i lost 2 years ago, everything she came back with related to my Molly, so many things that made sense instantly, things that Molly did, that she had experienced, I felt Molly’s soul coming through in the reading, like she was right there again, it was truly beautiful, ever since I have found myself in a calm place, I am quite spiritual myself and this truly confirmed to me that my girl is safe and loved and happy, and that I will be reunited with her again one day, Thank you so much Alison “ ​Dawne Harrogate

Alison Sheryll Psychic_Animal Communicator,


I will link with my guides and will then be given information about the past, present, and future covering all areas of life.

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Tarot & Oracle Readings

I see initials of names, locations either in this country or overseas. Whatever I sense, I will share with the client.

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Psychic Development

I teach Psychic Development Workshops and facilitate in Central London and around the UK.

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Psychic Medium

Most clients have burning questions, other times it can be related to moving home or studying.

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  • Thank you Alison, we have shared part of our souls. Blessed be! xx

    Norma, Stevenage
  • A rich and insightful reading. Alison Provided reinforcement and clarity

    Jen, Letchworth
  • Great Reading. She told me things only my family would have known. This has given me clarity and a feeling of great positivity for the future.

    Cheryl, Banbury
  • An amazing and accurate reading regarding key areas of my life. The connection to my recently deceased father was overwhelmingly emotional as was your insight into a personal situation. Thank you.

    Andrea, Nantwich
  • So clear and reassuring and so focused on the issue I am faced with. Couldn't believe the detail and so beautifully delivered.  Thank you so much.

    Karen, Manchester
  • Alison, Thank you so very much.  I felt the spiritual connection was so powerful.

    Ann, London
  • What a lovely genuine and honest reading Thank you.

    Jackie, London
  • Fantastic reading! Answered lots of questions like you know me and my family.

    Jan, Flitwick
  • A lovely lady. She read my cards beautifully. Thank you.

    Audrey, London
  • Excellent reading. Amazing knowledge of past events, very caring and supportive

    Grahem, Newport
  • What a reading! I would recommend Alison to anyone as my reading was the clearest I have had in a long time

    Paul, Milton Keynes
  • So precise  in detail and amazingly intuitive Alison has given me great comfort more than she will realise.

    Kris, Manchester
  • Best Reading in Years!

    Jane, South Yorkshire
  • First Reading Ever I'm Speechless. Its made me realise so much and put my mind at rest, I cant thank her enough! Best thing I ever did.

    Rebecca, Rotherham
  • What a wonderful Reading Both my Dad and Grandma came through will never forget this.

    Christine, Derby
  • Mind blowing! Couldn't of asked for more. You gave me so much.

    Mandy, Bridgewater

Guided to Guide You.

People do have burning questions usually related to love, relationships, work,  house moves, spiritual journey.  During the consultations, I prefer not to be helped.

I run Psychic Development workshops throughout the year specializing for beginners. I have worked extensively on Sky TV presenting and doing psychic readings I present a colour psychic expert piece for The Sun Newspaper online.

I am guided, to guide you

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