I love to connect with All animals,  big or small.

I will be the bridge between you and your pet   The psychic and intuitive link is made directly with your pet through telepathy.  I can sense the animal as if they were right in front of me. Living or passed pets will have lots of messages for you.

Would you like to know what your fur babies are feeling?  what their needs are . perhaps your pet is having some behaviour pattern or a change of attitude.

When I connect with any animal, I will merge directly and telepathically  with their energy.

This reading is done in 2 parts. 1st part is through a couple of clear photos emailed to myself .  The pet will share lots of information about how they feel, about their life, and about their family and their needs. A channelled report is put together for our follow up consultation.

2nd part of the reading is a phone/skype consultation arranged by Alison and her client  (60 mins)  to go through the channelled  report together and then go directly to questions and answers should the client have any.  During the video call, there will be more messages from the pet shared.      Online readings can be recorded FREE and included in the price.  video calls are showing to be  popular due to the empathic support given to the client.

I connect with All creatures big or small

  • A very gifted reader. She connected very well and made me feel clearer about everything. fantastic direction. I will be back again.

    Lindsay, Hindhead
  • Thank you for such a great reading It was wonderful to meet you.

    Sam, Crawley
  • Fabulous Reading, amazingly accurate, I feel really comforted!

    Jaqueline, Sussex
  • Thank you Alison, we have shared part of our souls. Blessed be! xx

    Norma, Stevenage
  • A rich and insightful reading. Alison Provided reinforcement and clarity

    Jen, Letchworth
  • Great Reading. She told me things only my family would have known. This has given me clarity and a feeling of great positivity for the future.

    Cheryl, Banbury
  • An amazing and accurate reading regarding key areas of my life. The connection to my recently deceased father was overwhelmingly emotional as was your insight into a personal situation. Thank you.

    Andrea, Nantwich
  • So clear and reassuring and so focused on the issue I am faced with. Couldn't believe the detail and so beautifully delivered.  Thank you so much.

    Karen, Manchester
  • Alison, Thank you so very much.  I felt the spiritual connection was so powerful.

    Ann, London
  • What a lovely genuine and honest reading Thank you.

    Jackie, London
  • Fantastic reading! Answered lots of questions like you know me and my family.

    Jan, Flitwick
  • A lovely lady. She read my cards beautifully. Thank you.

    Audrey, London
  • Excellent reading. Amazing knowledge of past events, very caring and supportive

    Grahem, Newport
  • What a reading! I would recommend Alison to anyone as my reading was the clearest I have had in a long time

    Paul, Milton Keynes
  • So precise  in detail and amazingly intuitive Alison has given me great comfort more than she will realise.

    Kris, Manchester
  • Best Reading in Years!

    Jane, South Yorkshire
  • First Reading Ever I'm Speechless. Its made me realise so much and put my mind at rest, I cant thank her enough! Best thing I ever did.

    Rebecca, Rotherham
  • What a wonderful Reading Both my Dad and Grandma came through will never forget this.

    Christine, Derby
  • Mind blowing! Couldn't of asked for more. You gave me so much.

    Mandy, Bridgewater
  • Alison attuned to myself and my current situation  immediately and within a short space of time, decided that a mediumship reading was most appropriate. It was exactly what I had hoped for. I was truly delighted and very impressed by the accuracy and detail that you were able to provide. Having experienced other readings in the past, I have to say that you are refreshingly different – a blend of a modern persona coupled with a timeless knowledge. Your approach is both reassuring and inspirational Sincere and heartfelt thanks

    Kath Bratt, Manchester

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