How does a psychic see top stars?

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As featured in the Sun newspaper ;

WE all want to know what makes a celebrity tick.

From the way they dress or answer interview questions, we can glean a snapshot
of the kind of people they are.

But what about a viewpoint based solely on instinct – and a special gift for
seeing beyond the everyday?

Psychic Alison Sheryll can get a distinct impression – or energy – from just
looking at a person’s photograph.

She explains: “It’s not like I suddenly know everything about that person. I
just sense things – or rather get shown things – about them and their

“It’s nothing to do with what they look like or wear either – sometimes I give
readings over the phone. It’s more that words, colours, or moods are
suggested to me.”

Alison has been giving readings for more than ten years but she first
discovered her gift in childhood. She says: “It sounds strange but I didn’t
know I was psychic as a child. I thought everybody saw things the way I did.”

“Seeing colours for things felt for me just like knowing how they tasted or
smelled. It was an extra sense that I took for granted as normal.

“When I realised I was different, I was scared and turned my back on it
thinking, this is not me or who I want to be. But my instincts, or gift,
just got stronger and stronger.”

Alison, a member of the British Astrological Psychic Society, now has regular
clients who come for hourly sessions that she says “give clarity”.

She adds: “I’m not there to be a therapist or tell a person what they want to

“I don’t ‘fix’ people but I hope that by sharing with them what I’m shown,
they see things clearer and go away with something to work with or think

We asked Alison to look at photos of ten celebrities and tell us her first
impressions – regardless of who the stars are.

From Prince William to Rihanna, see her readings of the world’s familiar faces
below. See the article live here.

Find out more or book a session with Alison at

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