Intuitive and Telepathic Communication with Geese

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It was one of the most unexpected and amazing experience ever!. The whole experience felt like an intuitive exchange between us!

I connected with a couple of geese during the cold winder months.  There were a few others but these two seem to gravitate towards me.   I fed them in them with nuts and fruit.   I would sit and talk to them. We spent short bursts of time together in the cold days.  I could tell they recognised me when I returned as they would greet me.  It made me smile!   It crossed my mind if they were the same couple I had met previously as they all look similar however,   I could tell by their voices and body language that it was them.   .  finally, early summer arrived, I was out walking when suddenly, I spotted them  with new babies in the water swimming.  Mother Goose saw me and swam over with her family of course Mr Gander her husband followed as he was the patrol.  I couldn’t beleive my eyes when they Mummy and the babies scrambled out of the water towards me, up close .  I was speechless for a moment simply taking the experience in  Mother goose gazed into my eyes  as if to say  ” These are my babies  I felt quite humbled in that moment to be trusted to meet their children.

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