My Pet Psychic Workshop at Valentino Bond Street

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I was an unforgettable experience  to facilitate a pet communication  workshop for the flagship Valentino retail store in London.  When I received the call, It was like a dream come true as I had been planning to organise something like this for a  quite some time.  There were many different types. of dogs with so much personality! Of course there was one with a sassy attitude.  What amazed me was how much alike their owners  they were! I spent the first few minutes explaining my concept of how animal communication works including my history of working as a pet psychic and communicator and how they have thoughts and feelings  and are not just there to be looked at and told be a good boy or a good girl.

It got better

We then went on to explore the various situations with each pet. I loved passing the messages from the dogs to their owners and describing their personalities.  Some of the participants became quite emotional and I am not referring to the dogs! It did not surprise me at all  as a lot owners of pets think of their fur babies like children.  It was a wonderful experience which I will look forward to many more!

musings and memoires of my workshop


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