Some History

This ability was passed down via my family line which was inherited by my Great grandmother. As a young child, I  would see, hear and sense spirit. My dreams were so vivid they would wake me up.  These experiences continued for a considerable time.

At the age of 3 without realising, I had already discovered  a highly intuitive link with animals.  On family outings, holidays, Other peoples pets would be drawn to me.  understanding and communicative as if we were on the same level.  It was wonderful for me. You see I came from a back ground where I was fairly isolated as a child and it was as if they could sense that.

Learning Curves and Studies

I studied spiritual subjects intensively for 6 years at London college of Psychic Studies based in Kensington, then Mediumship and Clairvoyance directly  at Arthur Findlay college in Essex.  During that period,  I was hugely inspired by the late Glyn Edwards Trance medium and Tutor who encouraged me on my  path. Later on, vetted by the British Astrological Psychic Society  (BAPS) founded in 1973 by Russell Grant.

Inspiring Tools

Many different decks of cards being Oracle and some Tarot cards including The Ryder Waite deck and more.

I have a metaphorical psychic screen which pops up during a reading with my client.  I will see names, locations, objects, colours and letters.  Whilst this is happening, I may sense and smell  the energy of a situation.

Hands free meaning no cards is possible in a clairvoyant or mediumship reading.

Healing energy will be sent to my clients if needed.

Alison is one of  UK  and London’s leading psychics.

Are you ready to get in touch with the real you?


‘I cannot force information’, it simply happens. Each reading is individual and personal. Readings are highly confidential between myself and my client.

People do have burning questions usually related to love, relationships, work, house moves or Psychic development. ALL subjects are covered.

  • Psychic Medium
  • Clairvoyant
  • Psychometry
  • Colour Psychic
  • Animal Communication
  • Tarot & Oracle Readings



I’m always keen for people to express their opinion about my readings, if you would like to submit a testimonial please contact me

  • Thank you for such a great reading It was wonderful to meet you.

    Sam, Crawley
  • A rich and insightful reading. Alison Provided reinforcement and clarity

    Jen, Letchworth
  • Fantastic reading! Answered lots of questions like you know me and my family.

    Jan, Flitwick

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