Letting down the barrier

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I have a great story to share with you.  A couple of weeks ago, I was out meeting a good friend of mine when suddenly, something caught my eye.   You know when you have this feeling someone is watching you but cant put your finger on it?  Sure enough I turned and caught sight of the most gorgeous sausage dog looking at me.  He was sitting on the table at a bar outside.  It was a beautiful summer evening. This dog was with his family.  I said to the dog, ” Its ok I wont come in too close as you dont know me” In that instant. he turned and gestured with his whole body  I could of sworn he was smiling at me..”  As soon as I began to move forward towards him,  he ran towards me and greeted me like an old friend!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the human race let their barriers down the way Burt did. Oh by the way, his name is Burt and whether  we meet again it does not matter as He gave me such a wonderful uplifting feeling by the way he connected with me.  

Burt opened up and said Hello!

Letting Down The Barrier

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